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Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Complete course in Urdu & Hindi

I hope you’ll be okay. Friends keeping opinion of people and by the grace of God that I am sharing with your complete course of Urdu language in Microsoft Power-point Hope you’ll like it. It is very easy i know all about it but some people still does not know how to do MS Power-point so I thought I’d share it with you ...

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Microsoft Access 2007 Complete course Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

Guys hope you are in the best condition of health and temperament, today I share with you the entire course is Microsoft Access hope you’ll like. What is Microsoft Access? Microsoft Access can tell you, before I tell you about it. MS Access you can say a very good database system which is very easy to use and you can get ...

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Microsoft Excel 2007 Complete Course Video in Urdu & Hindi

Excel is the spreadsheet program by Microsoft. Although you can use any spreadsheet program for analyzing data. In other words, if it is to be praised this is to say that if this program accounts are done all the work. For example Add, subtract, multiply and percent age etc. With its large organization and can be easily calculated in the factories. As the result sheets, ...

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Microsoft Word 2007 Complete course Video in Urdu & Hindi

Who is not familiar with the features of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office because time is counted in the few software Which is very popular. Use it in the world, including Pakistan’s Office is somehow necessary. Moreover, the use is also common in schools and colleges. Where are the … If school to college assignment … here use Microsoft Office, the Is common. In the ...

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