How to earn money in Phone & Apps – 10 Best Apps For Earning

Smart phones have caused an upheaval in our lives. Given the immense popularity of new and exciting applications are submitted. These applications are extremely interesting and useful customers are attracted to them. Free applications not less than but spend a little money then gives it more interesting applications. But have you ever seen an application that is not only free, but some earn through ...

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Adobe Illustrator Complete Course Video Tutorial in Urdu\Hindi

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editing application. It is often used to draw illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, charts and logos. Adobe Systems, which in 1986 was developed for the Apple Macintosh. The latest version of the Adobe CS5 Illustrator which is a part of the 5 suites With Adobe illustrator you can make technical drawing like a logo, book title, diploma and ceremony ...

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Visual Basic Complete free Course Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

I hope everything is fine in many courses have been friends. I was wondering why I was adding another course. So friends, today I’m sharing with Visual Basic complete free course Video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi language. I hope you will like this course. Before you start you should know something about the course. What is Visual Basic? Visual Basic is ...

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Windows 8/8.1 Backup & Recovery Without Any Software

You are all aware of the importance of Windows. But the window for some reason be damaged or be slow to reinstall the window becomes a compulsion. If the window to install the new drivers and software that have to work very long. But we drivers and software after installing a USB or hard drive D, E, F, make a backup of the ...

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Autocad 2D/3D Complete course Video Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

AutoCad software for civil engineering sector belonging to friends is very useful. Many friends have been wondering what the hell is that AutoCad. AutoCad is a leading commercial application software which is used for creating 2D and 3D graphic applications. AutoCad software actually do have a design with the help of which we torture of buildings can be easily measured. This is equivalent to ...

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