How to earn money in Phone & Apps – 10 Best Apps For Earning

Smart phones have caused an upheaval in our lives. Given the immense popularity of new and exciting applications are submitted. These applications are extremely interesting and useful customers are attracted to them. Free applications not less than but spend a little money then gives it more interesting applications. But have you ever seen an application that is not only free, but some earn through this upside down?

Yes, you read right. Let us tell you about the ten Applications that are not only free but also can become a source of income for you. This applications you do not get any hard work. You will need to download a few apps, such as games, etc., will have to install apps, pictures, etc. have to be or exercise. And the small amount of work you will be rewarded.

Let us tell you more detail. When first asked to take note of any application procedures Do not install it without understanding. Read all the details thoroughly before application and then you think you can install it. In addition to these applications in our list of applications that you can see in the App Store. But most apps deceive. Therefore, every application must read users’ comments on the page in which he describes his experience of using this app.

how to earn money in apps & phone in urdu

1. Whaff Rewards

The website rewards the rain iswhaff rewards eraning in urdu getting very popular nowadays. If you want to earn better every month to review the application. Well, there are several applications that install other apps to view and give compensation, but the compensation is less “Whaff Rewards“. This app actually does promote other upcoming applications. Therefore, you are asked to install new applications. In addition to using the app for a few days may also be permanent, but the compensation is paid for all the work. Whaff to install it after you introduce your friends if you’re paid for it too. Currently the app is only available to customers android.

After installing the app, you have to log in to your Facebook account. When you arrive you have earned ten dollars if you are able to pull it out. If you want your money in a PayPal account to transfer or amazon, Facebook, Xbox, Play Station or Google etc. buy gift cards.

whaff rewards eraning in urduwhaff rewards eraning in urdu

2. ESPN Streak for the Cash

Interest in sports for people who to make use of this app is not in itself a prize ESPN app that has many interests. Because it is not only the sports competitions held around the world Connect has good but you win invites to predict. For example, Football, basketball or baseball on a team so that the team you predict will win and offer you a true if you are involved in. Now just keep your telltale words and reach the next stage. Users who accurately predicted the app is distributed free of annually to  twelve (12) million dollars.

If you are interested in sports must try this app. If you sport will be well informed if occasionally take Kato what if the money is there? This app android the iPhone is available free to customers.

3. App Trailers

app trailers earning This App Entertainment is listed on the store. How can it be any other when you only have given money to watch videos? Actually this the applications of which other applications you would never name heard that they advertise. A new application in the advertising trailers are displayed. The Actually this that these trailers are told what the new features are available in these new apps. Also watch videos you can use the demo version of an app then the points are separated.

After collecting several points that can be converted into cash the PayPal or other online stores and gift cards can be get in the form of vouchers.

In addition, there is a referral link system, ie introduce this app to your friends, ask them to directly link to the app store, but you can install it so you can get points. It android and iOS app and is available for both platforms.

app trailers earning in urdu

4. Scoopshot

how to earn scoopshot There is a good camera in your smartphone? You are one more hobby photography? If your answer is yes, then the “Scopeshot” is for your application. For android users, this is a photography app. It’s just that when you do make a good photo or video, then upload it to the app. Not confined to images of a subject, you can create the image of a specific object or area to be happening in the video can also be made.

Photo or video to upload it to the app store, choose the price. If you purchased a thing of the amount to be paid. Also here are competition on a daily basis. Daily competitions are given different titles for example, clouds, flowers or trees, etc. If you send a Photo Competition for the title of the day be sure and then upload the picture accordingly and with it the title tag as the #clouds. Do not forget to apply. Daily images of the winners of the main application is made, the app open all the winners of the first image appears. Photographers who are coming into the world is introduced.

The winner is decided by votes to get the voters can call your friends or people already here to vote can vote on them.  If you believe that you are able to appreciate the images made by the application must show the world. The app with the android is also available for iPhone users.

how to earn scoopshot app in urdu

5. Viggle

how to earn viggle appWho ever thought that watching movies and listening to music will also be prizes? If you are wondering how it is possible to see the Viggle app installed. Also android and Windows Phone for iPhone is available for free. By installing this application you only have to win points is to feature content. If you want to win extra points Then you have to see live shows. After winning points, these points can be purchased, such as music, e-books, audio books, etc. Gift guards.

how to earn viggle app in urdu

6. Toluna

how to earn toluna appAn easy way to make money online is to participate in the survey. Most companies want to know the opinion of the people regarding their work for which they are conducting surveys Croatian. Today, the survey is the best way to get a good result it will be online, and participants receive points. Toluna, surveys and polls that are stored in the app, which can take part in that. In return for the cash, gifts and vouchers are given great product.

There are no stupid surveys are also very interesting comments. As in so much money that they must know that what is good phone be found, such a good place for summer vacation, which is what today’s fashion running shoes or clothes, etc. The your playlists recommend not only this but also the innovative new information which comes from practical life. The iPhone and the android app is available for both users.

how to earn toluna app in urdu


how to earn money packets appThis is the most interesting application, because the app to create a healthy society is made. Mobile app developers Packets team weak and lazy to force people to exercise the required application is discovered in this way. If you follow the application instructions as well as health and cure can get prizes. But you promised not to exercise a day will give you a fine. Start using this app while you have to tell your current condition and your commitment to what you want to know how many kilos to such plans. Start exercising and then set in the project by completing get money. It is fun that they may fail in their purpose to win their money out of those who are divided. The purpose of this app is to make people addicted to exercise in the fitness of other applications have also been included, as we say Helth is Wealth. This app makes it a reality. Application Packets available for free on iPhone and android platforms can be installed.

how to earn money packets app in urdu

8. Mint Coins

how to earn money mintcoins appSmart phones and tablets to be earned through this “Mint Coins” also has interesting applications. After installing it, you first need to create an account are. Then just login and start working. In terms of the work you are assigned to several working odd jobs. For example, play free games, ad see the video, go to a Web site to register, fill out surveys and Install any app etc. Moreover, the price is also available to install applications and to sign commercial is called. They were obviously you have to pay the money, but in return you your money back with additional fee is paid. If you spend the money to get the prize instead.

The more friends you bring to this app for 0.25$ per person will get you four persons if you sit at 1$ dollar free.   Also joining in are also paid 0.10$. But even if the income is less similar, so easy and even getting paid for it, so what’s wrong? But this app is only available for android.

how to earn money mointcoins app in urdu

9. Check Points

how to earn money mointcoins app in urduTo win different prizes and gift cards can also be very interesting app you should must review. You can see the video, you can complete different offers and different things etc. that can win the points. Many well-known stores here in the form of prize are given gift cards which you can shopping to your choice. Interestingly, it also points to scan the bar codes of different products can be created. If you walked into a store in the mall, so there are a few products up and scan the bar code to make this app. They do not need to buy, but their names should be included in this app, you do not have any product to scan points. It includes several well-known products. For example, Coca-Cola bottle is also added to this list. Not the end of the country, from anywhere in the world via the bar code scanning points can be won.

App “Check Points” android and iPhone is available for both platforms.

how to earn money check points in urdu

10. Google Consumer Surveys

how to earn money google consumer surveys appGoogle Consumer Surveys has made this app is totally related to the survey. This application relates to new trends is made to know the opinion of people who take part in the prizes are given to individuals.

This app is only available for android users. After installing the app to complete your profile about yourself you have to answer a few questions. Depending on your interest, then the app starts sending surveys each week. According to the available information and survey work that you are paying a few cents from one dollar that may be. Surveys There are quite easy answers are very short. If the options are granted. The option of your choice or you have to choose the correct answer, and it is very easy not to worry. Through the application of money is the most authentic application. So also believe that all that has made Google itself.

how to earn money google consumer surveys app in urdu

Earn any online site or application are, do not think that will just make your account and money would rain. If you really deserve to be earning enough money, but if you have limited abilities for fifteen to twenty dollars may seem too long. Google’s app also placed on people abilities pays accordingly.

If you read the opinions of thousands of users of Google App shows several people twenty and thirty dollars a month for, who sometimes just passing week the time the application was made and that some consistency from behind them lay it took a year to Earn the same amount.

Also to note is that any application to use the payment method they must know before. Most services Gift cards and vouchers instead of cash or other things, which you can do online shopping. Take the example of Google Play Store credit is it. Which you can Google store shopping. PayPal payments are the few that are not available in Pakistan. Applications are often held in the countries, but also to know the information about them is broad.

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