Microsoft Access 2007 Complete course Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

Guys hope you are in the best condition of health and temperament, today I share with you the entire course is Microsoft Access hope you’ll like.

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access can tell you, before I tell you about it. MS Access you can say a very good database system which is very easy to use and you can get numerous benefits. Data inside a particular format, is stored in a special way. It can be easily processed with the computer. Microsoft Access is a powerful Windows-based program. Which is a reaction database management system. The short RDBMS is written. With this much data in less space can be saved and can be easily used to archive. Each data in the tables consists of one or more while the table is a collection of information about a particular topic which is in the form of columns and rows.

We make tables for data storage. Each table has a specific name. The data contained within it shows. For example, Student_Record, Teachers_Record and Student_Result etc. There are few fields or columns in each table, the data are made to show more detail. For example, this fields identifies be Student_Record. Name:::Rollno:::Course:::Session etc.

Friends this course is essential to understand the following things because you know that this course mention these things happen everywhere. But the things which you have Courtney Terms of Microsoft Access are also known.

  • Database: A set of mutually Related Information database is called. The database is actually a collection of data. Which is mutually cohesive, it is assumed that you can easily understand the way you have a little diary in which people related to your name, address and telephone numbers etc. This is called Related Information.
  • Object: To complete the database and do not compare them. For example, tables, forums,Quary etc  there are seven 7 types of database objects.
  • Field: Sheet values in a column which is a data set that is a mailing list name, father’s name, country, city, address, phone number, etc.
  • Table: Column and Row, a group of data is scheduled. Each database consists of one or more tables. The table is a collection of information about a particular topic. Which is in the form of columns and rows.
  • Data Sheet View: Support the information contained in the table are subject to change.
  • Design View: Design View tools are made through the fields in the tables.

Microsoft Access Basic Steps

  • In making this database are your wishes and purposes.
  • How to decide whether you are making the tables.
  • What fields are kept inside the table.
  • To clarify the relationship between the tables.

You wish to make this database and objectives?

First you create the database you are going to see, what are the purposes? Show how you want it. First you write your purposes. If you want to save all the information and make a list of them. How many tables are and what fields are given. Do you want to make a form to collect the information, what you want to report them to the report which you can print out. The rest you watch the video you will easily be understood. Microsoft Access course to share with you I’m complete. This course consists in the Urdu language.

Microsoft Access 2007 Video Tutorial in Urdu

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