How To Open Two Or More Skype ID In One PC At Same Time



Today I am sharing an other wonderful PC trick with you through which you will be able to open two or more Skype id in one PC at same time. Many people one have a business account and have their own personal account and they want to have a family on the same computer, open the account. For them or people who have family members in the house and one that they want to use a computer, they should open their own account. If it helps him tutorial the computer two or more Skype ID can open.

How to open two or more Skype ID in 1 PC at same time. 

Follow the following steps:

  • Go to My Computer and then click on C drive.
  • You will find two folders named with Program files.
  • Click on Skype and then click on Phone.
  • You find there Skype.exe file right click on it and create it shortcut on desktop.
  • Now come on your desktop right click on your Skype shortcut and go to its properties.
  • There you will find general, shortcut and more tab, click on shortcut and you will find there target box in which “”C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” is written.
  • Next to “”C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” give a space and write “/secondary”  without quotes and click on Apply and then OK.

How to open 2 Skype ID in 1 PC at the Same Time

  • Now click on Skype shortcut created on desktop and a prompt will open where you can sign in.
  • If you want to open more account then click on Skype on desktop and sing in.
  • enjoy.

Also I have made this video tutorial you see, they are in Urdu language.

I hope you will enjoy it. If you like this trick then share it please give your feedback in comments.

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