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PHP is a web development language that (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is left. The Original Name (Presonal Home Page) many people still think that PHP is the left But it changed its name from the increased use of and through community vote, which was new to her name has been mentioned previously.PHP is a server-side programming language that can be embedded into HTML such as the ASP
but this HTML is not like you have done work in HTML so you will know that HTML is not a programming language is a language, but a rendering which web Page in images, links, text, tables, etc page with the entire cast is great for formatting, but HTML is no command to gather others to make connections to the database.PHP is used to create dynamic Web sites. The difference in dynamic web pages with dynamic Web pages are constantly(Back end through programming) changing structure and contents while structure and contents the static pages are fixed until a Designer Do not change yourself to these pages.

PHP and MYSQL Web Development

PHP you can control major databases Supports almost all of the data basis. For example MySQL, MSsql, Oracle, Access, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc. In PHP forums, e-commerce sites, photo galleries, take on checkouts, multimedia Web sites, News, Content Management System, File Management System etc i can make very little time.

This Windows and Linux as well as many platforms supported and an estimated approximately 15 million Web servers have PHP support. PHP code like normal HTML does not send server to the client before the server has PHP code parsed and then to the client in HTML format does send. The source of a page that you will not find in the PHP code.

PHP to work on the things that are needed?

  • Server Software ( Linux or XP, Windows 6,7,8)
  • PHP is compatible with the Web server (Apache or IIS)
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL Server
  • A PHP editor (You can use any text editor, but for ease of PHP editor that you use PHP to designer 8 suggest because it’s easy to write scripts for PHP is a powerful editor In addition, you can also use Dreamweaver etc.)
  • A Web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • You are also required for XAMPP.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is a package which automate the installation of PHP web development environment is provided. But remember, it does provide the environment for a web developer is not for production purposes. This makes installation and configuration itself we have a lot of time is saved and the configuration is also very strong.

In this post with your PHP & MySQL video tutorial in Urdu language is shared. For further guidance, the unity of the video course this book is uploaded. You can click on the above to download button now PHP & MySQL can download the book.

PHP & MySQL Book in Urdu

PHP & MySQL Video Tutorial in Urdu

This course consists of Urdu video, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Google to open via a “ZenMate Extension” You should install it via their browser will open a YouTube easily . If you do not use it by clicking on the link to use it take.

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